Moose Country Quilting is a small, family run professional quilting business.  Located in Roseville, Minnesota, we are a full-service quilting business.  We offer quilting, binding, and custom-made quilt services. 

Moose Country Quilting was established to allow the “Mama Moose” to enjoy the added flexibility of a home-run business.  We are pleased and proud to report that we have completed in excess of 1200 quilt tops since the inception of our endeavor.

In order for you to better understand and appreciate who we are as a family and business, we want to share a little bit about ourselves.  Listed below are all the “moose” that play a major role in the business. 

Kristin, the professional machine quilting artist, has been sewing ever since she was a little girl.   Kristin started piecing quilts on a regular basis in 1993, quilting smaller quilts on her Bernina, which she named “Rocky.”  In 1997, Moose Country Quilting was born.  Since then, many of the quilts we have completed have been entered into quilt shows.  Some of our work has appeared in quilting magazines, and we have done some quilts for some quilt book authors. 

Mike is the quilter’s husband.  While he has quilted some tops on the Gammill himself, his primary responsibility consists of taking care of all the financial aspects of running the business.  He also keeps the household running while Kristin ensures that your quilt is getting the attention that it deserves. 

Peggy Hildebrand, Kristin’s mother, also plays a big role in this business.  She is a former home economics teacher and deserves credit for teaching Kristin the basic elements of sewing at an early age.  Peggy is also an accomplished quilter and worked for several years at the well-known Country Peddler Quilt Shop (which has since gone out of business).  She serves as Kristin’s consultant.  She is often asked for feedback and/or input on quilting suggestions.  She also does piecing and teaching.  If you want personal quilting or binding lessons, Peggy is the person for you!

Moose Country Quilting wouldn’t be where it is now without our customers.  Thank you for checking us out.