Moose Country Quilting also offers binding services.  Machine binding is a durable finish to your quilt.  If you need your quilt in a hurry or just can't wait to put your quilt to use, Moose Country Quilting will bind your quilt with fabric of your choice.  We have been using this machine binding technique for many years with successful results.  The first step consists of sewing the binding strip to the back of the quilt and then the second step is turning and sewing the binding to the front, providing a clean and lasting finish.  Binding edges must be straight (no scalloped or hexagon edges).  Our binding charge is based on linear feet.

We do machine binding with bias edge double fold binding.  One yard of fabric is required for binding.  You may provide your own binding fabric.  We prefer to cut the fabric ourselves to ensure the best result.  We can also provide binding fabric at an extra charge.   Fees include preparing (cutting and pressing) the binding before attaching it to your quilt.

To determine how many linear feet your quilt is, determine the perimeter of your quilt in inches. Divide the total by 12 and round up to the next whole number. That number is how many linear feet your quilt is.

Binding fees

Attaching it to one side only by machine………………… $1.50 per linear foot

Attaching it to both sides by machine……………………. $2.50 per linear foot

  **All prices are subject to change without notice.**