There are as many choices of quilting designs as there are for piecing.  The choices range from basting which attaches the three layers together to prepare for hand-quilting, to freehand meandering, which basically holds the quilt together without regard to the design of the top, to custom quilting designs.  Custom quilting designs can complement or enhance the appearance of the top.  The use of variegated threads is an option, as is the use of different color threads on the same top.  

I believe that quilting should enhance the quilt, not distract from it. I know how much time and money you invest in your quilts.  I will consult with you and provide pattern suggestions, quilting ideas, and thread color in order to highlight the design in your piecing.  Our goal here at Moose Country Quilting is to work with you to creatively transform your quilt tops into quality heirlooms that will be treasured for years and passed on from generation to generation.

Set- up fees

I charge a $20 set-up fee for each quilt.  This fee covers measuring, loading on the machine once, making sure that all the seams are intact, etc.

Quilting Prices

The cost varies, based on the quilting style chosen and the size of the quilt.  I charge by the square yard.  To estimate the cost of your project, take the length of your quilt top and multiply by the width. Divide the product by 1296 to get the number of square yards.  For example, if your quilt top is 72 x 90 = 6480 divided by 1296 = 5 square yards.

Basting - $12.00 per square yard

Want to hand-quilt your project for the highest possible quality and personal touch?  Let us baste it for you so you can get on with the real art!  You will avoid hours, maybe days of having your living room floor commandeered, not to mention all those lost pins your barefooted family could find.  Three layers are basted together to be hand quilted, generally at 4" intervals.

Overall Meandering - $25.00 per square yard and up.

Freehand meandering basically holds the quilt together without regard to the design of the top.  This is done completely freehand.  The finished look of this style resembles the antique quilts that are popular today.  There are many different types and sizes to choose from.  The more intricate the design, the higher the price is. Jigsaw meandering starts at $25/square yard for a looser design. More tight meandering will cost a little more. Scalloping is $33/square yard. Scrolling is $38/square yard.

Custom quilting $30.00 per square yard and up. 

The cost varies due to the uniqueness of each quilt.  Custom quilting will treat each element of your quilt separately.  In custom quilting, I may decide to use feathers, stitch in the ditch, motifs, thematic quilting, and/or other designs in each area of the top.  If you want that personal touch, I can even incorporate quilted freehand writing into your quilt.  Higher priced custom quilting, often referred to as heirloom quilting ($35 and up), consists of echo quilting, crosshatching, scalloping, scrolling, etc. 

Combination quilting If your quilt has a combination of two types of quilting, the price will fall in between the two rates.


We carry quality, affordable batting  -We have the following in stock:

  • Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom cotton/poly blend  (94 wide).. $ 8.00 per yard

  • Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom cotton/poly blend  (120 wide)$ 10.00 per yard

You may provide your own batting, however, please note that I will not quilt on Mountain Mist brand battings.

Thread fees

I furnish the thread and will choose a color to compliment your quilt, or you may state your preference.  I use high quality 100% cotton Signature thread, and have over 100 different colors in stock.  I also carry variegated threads.  Please note that I use the same color thread for both the top and back.  I will not quilt with metallic threads.  All quilts incur a $10.00 thread charge, which includes a new needle.  If you want more than one color thread, each additional color is $4.00. Variegated threads are $12.00 each. 

Additional charges

  • Motif set-up charges: $40.00 per hour.

  • Seams:  $5.00 per seam.

  • Trimming: $.20 per linear foot (minimum $4.00).

  • Any additional services needed such as repairing seams, clipping threads, squaring up the backing, pressing, etc. will be billed at $40/hr.
  • Return shipping: USPS at cost plus $10.00 handling fee and insurance, insured for the value of the quilt.

  • 7.625% sales tax

 **All prices are subject to change without notice.**